The MVE Experience

Moore Vision Entertainment provides a wide range of entertainment for concert events, corporate/private events, weddings, adult/children’s parties, festivals, live productions and more.  Moore Vision Entertainment also conceives, develops, and produces custom entertainment for non-traditional markets. Collaborating with industry professionals, we shepherd new productions & experiences to the traditional stage and touring markets.

Moore Vision Entertainment will bring innovative, elegant and unforgettable experiences to life, from corporate events to fashion shows and galas creating the perfect experience that fits any vision and budget! Moore Vision Entertainment is a leader in creating memorable party experiences.  We come from entertainment and production backgrounds, where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life. The value of a great guest experience is our currency.  Whether throwing an intimate celebration or a lavished event, we can find the perfect entertainment to wow your guests. We can cover all your entertainment needs from an ambient Jazz Band to the elegant touch of Magical Classic Strings.  Moore Vision Entertainment is committed to a memorable experience.

Live Entertainment

  • Theater Productions

  • Drag Shows & Experiences

  • Pageants 

  • Concerts​​

  • Benefit 

  • Art Exhibits & Installations

Wedding Tent


  • Wedding/Engagement Reception

  • Anniversary/ Showers

  • Child/Adult Parties

  • Dinner & Cocktail 

  • Sweet 16

  • Mitzvah

Friends Party
Game Developers
Theater Group


  • Creative Concept - From an idea to the stage. MVE can help take an idea from just a concept to a live show.

  • Booking- Placing the right artist or show at the right venue to achieve success

Makeup Artist

Creative Design 

  • Costume/Scenery/Props

  • Light/Sound

  • Hair, Wig, Make Up

  • Video/Multimedia

  • Scriptwriting 

Tango Dancers


  • Venues/ Event Layout/Floorplan

  • Ticketing/Check In/Registration

  • Travel/Transportation

  • Event Hosting /Front of House

  • Staffing/Security

Red Chairs
Concert Crowd
Modern Dance Group

Training & Instruction 

Whether an adult with aspirations to try something new, a teen looking for a safe creative place to be themselves , a small child with a big dream to be a star, or a university student looking for an experience abroad to enhance your education,  a professional artist looking for extra inspiration and in-depth industry knowledge, a gap year student yearning to find meaning venture out on your own, or a teacher wanting to immerse their students and their families in experiences, stories and means of expression…you’ve found your home with Moore Vision Entertainment.


We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality cross-cultural artistic training and instructional exchanges in the world of performing and creative arts. We ensure that each person’s experience is unique and customized to your identity as an artist. 

The MVE Theatre Experience

Moore Vision Entertainment has expertise in every facet of event production. Our team develops creative, professional, and cost-effective use of staging, lighting, equipment, venues, sets and multi-media presentations. Every production is managed professionally, courteously, with a commitment to excellence.


Our staff is made up of  award winning directors, choreographers, designers, and technicians. We believe in the power of live theatre to enrich the lives of children, families and communities. 

We embrace these core values:


  • ENSEMBLE – We conduct our programs, cast, and rehearse with the idea that all of our performers equally contribute to a successful show, no matter how “large” their role or how many lines they have.  We believe in assigning students multiple roles, and in challenging them to embrace both lead and supporting roles. We nurture a supportive, collaborative art-making process – not a competitive one.
  • STUDENTS AS ARTISTS – Whatever their age and ability level, our students are treated as artists. Their input is valued, and they are encouraged to be part of shaping the final product.  We look for fresh, innovative, outside-the-box ways to tell familiar stories.
  • CHALLENGE & SUPPORT – We believe that the performing arts – and theatre in particular – help students grow as artists and as people.  Our program offers individualized attention, goal-setting, and just the right balance of challenge and support.
  • COLLECTIVE INVOLVEMENT – We believe collective involvement makes our programs better.  We will ask for help with various tasks related to mounting the best show possible.  We are building a cohort of young performers, and a larger community of theatre-lovers that involves all.
  • ACCESS – We are committed to offering access to our education programs and shows through need-based financial aid, outreach programs, and pay-what-you-can ticket opportunities.
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION -We are committed to an inclusive theatre community, in which all people feel valued, can be themselves and feel that their voices are heard. We are  committed to developing a working environment that is reflective of the diverse community that we serve.

MVE Specialty Experiences

Wedding Hall


The perfect gown, a handsome tuxedo, a glittering diamond, the ideal location, an amazing menu, beautiful flowers, are some the pieces to a great wedding. 


We ready to deliver that special entertainment, design, or setup you desire to complete this perfect  picture.

Outdoor Summer Party


We believe entertainment, details,  and high execution is the foundation for any successful party/celebration and setting the tone for you event  is what Moore Vision Entertainment does.

Color Festival


We understand the importance of booking quality entertainment for our youngest audiences. You can trust that we will provide the highest quality entertainers for your princesses or superheroes! Whether you are looking for a single balloon twister or an elaborate ballerina theme party, we have you covered!

Music Performer


Moore Vision Entertainment  will transform your event into an unforgettable experience for your guests. No need to stress about the details when you hire us!

These themes are just a representation of what we can provide. Contact us and we can make whatever you have in mind a reality.



  • Casino

  • Circus

  • Carnival

  • Masquerade

  • Luah

  • and More!