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We Need Your Help!


It's time to renew the heart of Moore Vision Entertainment and Broadway Bound performing & creative arts experiences. 

There is no better way than to announce we have finally found our very own performing and creative arts home.  


Broadway Bound Youth Musical Theatre has had a thrilling story since its beginning in 2003.  After 13 years providing quality training and professional productions in our own space in Sugar Land.  Due to our building being sold by the landlord and rent increases we relocated to the West Houston area.  Our studio on memorial was our home for almost three years before we made the decision to close the doors after the difficult decision for me to take a once in a lifetime job opportunity with Carnival Cruise Line's Entertainment department.  


Fast forward to post Covid, my return to Houston, and the strong consensus to reopen Broadway Bound. We reopened and expanded with a multitude of entertainment experiences giving new life to Moore Vision Entertainment.   For the last two and half years we have produced over 12 live productions, offered performing and creative arts classes at three local elementary campuses, provided private instruction to youth in voice and acting, increased our community outreach programs, expanded our creative team and patron bases and finally secured our 501c3 non-profit status.  


Due to all the costs associated with renting rehearsal, class, and performing spaces for our experiences.  Coupled with all the additional operations, production, and personnel cost we knew it was time to find our own home. That time is now, and we are so excited for what's to come for Moore Vision Entertainment, the home to Broadway Bound Youth Musical Theatre Company.  


This is where we need your help.  Our goal is to close the deal May 15th and start making necessary renovations to our new home the week after our final production of this season A Chorus Line opens in Late May, shooting for moving in mid-June.


We have already raised over $13,000 towards our overall goal of $20,000.   This capital is to help cover out initial cost associated with the move including but not limited to: 

  • Relocation, transportation, moving, & personnel cost 

  • Supplies & Necessary renovations

  • Rights and royalties for the inaugural show to be performed in late July.  

  • Inspection and permit fees

  • Fees associated with temporary rental obligations for programming.



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